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Lydia Gutierrez is unfit for public office

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Ms. Gutierrez made a lot of these signs that say 'Lydia Gutierrez for Sentate', 'Vote YES on Prop. 8', and 'Marriage is between a man and a woman.'  The only picture I could find had to be rebuilt from a picture somebody took of one that somebody had torn up. Lydia Gutierrez is a never-elected rabble-rouser, who famously ran for Senate in 2008 and had her campaign signs printed on "Yes on 8 - marriage is between a man and a woman" posters, like a co-sponsor of the horrible initiative. Her demonstrated unwillingness to respect the dignity, privacy, and religious beliefs of her fellow citizens makes her unfit for public office.

Although that should be enough, her educational agenda includes getting rid of technology - especially the widely-popular Common Core. Her only two major endorsements for her 2015 bid are from the Los Angeles County Republican Party and the evangelical Christian group Election Forum - two groups dedicated to tearing down public education, Texas style.

Ms. Gutierrez's agenda is designed to express her personal religious beliefs, and she is clearly incapable of separating those from what is best for her constituents. While we do live in a democracy, it would be a shame if Ms. Gutierrez was elected to a position where she and her kind could stigmatize the last, least, and lost.

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