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Site of the nation's most onerous 'nonequivalency' law, this state also pursues legal marriages and injunctions against the ceremonies.

I'm from Michigan, so this one is personal. My aunt and her very close friend shared a house for most of their adult lives. They were co-owners with rights of survivorship, which any lawyer will tell you means that when one person dies, the other gets to own it until they die. Well, because these were two women, the State of Michigan nullified that arrangement and when my Aunt's friend died, they took the house away. My aunt spent the rest of her life trying to find a place to live. Oh, and there's that whole thing where the state issued marriage licenses for a couple of weeks, and then ripped those marriages apart as soon as they could figure out a legal way to do it. So Michigan is a tough place to try to raise a family or start a business, when you can't be assured that your legal relationships will survive.

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