Documenting shameful groups Since 2001


  • KKK

    This group believes that homosexuals should not be allowed to go to church or be married in one..
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  • Exodus International

    Tries to change people to their detrement.
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  • Christian Ministries

    Teaches children to hate while promoting intolerance..
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  • HRC, The Human Rights Campaign

    Gay Lobby sold out on the most important issues.
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    North American Man Boy Association encourages rape with boys.
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  • www.GodHatesFags.com

    It counts off the days that Matthew Shepheard has been in hell..
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  • Campaign for California Families

    Campaign for California Families is trying to perpetuate second class citizenship for gay California families, by opposing human rights legislation. .
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  • Boy Scouts of America

    BSA discriminates against gay youth & gay Scout leaders by deeming them "unfit" to serve..
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  • Coral Ridge Ministries

    Anti-gay vitrol machine that advocates violence, hatred and rudeness toward nascent gay families.
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  • Just as Proud

    Heterosexual advocacy group is divisive and mean
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  • Salvation Army

    Complete disrepect for gay and lesbian families; attempts to subvert nondiscrimination laws.
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  • Noblesville Schools in Indiana

    Denied permission for a student to attend a relative's same-sex union..
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  • Roman Catholic Church

    Religious body has a long history of alienating and persecuting gay people.
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  • Canada's Liberation Ministries

    Self-described "lobbyists for God" this group is gaining profile through their attacks on gay people and the religious groups who support them. They seek to establish "Liberation Cells" based on biblical fundementalism..
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  • The Red Cross

    Blood collection follows different criteria for heterosexual and homoseuxal donors..
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  • Montana Family Coalition

    The coalition's Executive Director actually said "A really good reality show for gay people would be five gay men dying of AIDS.".
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  • The World Church Of The Creator

    Racist organization in Illinois led by Matthew Hale. They Hate anyone who isn't white, straight, and male..
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  • Family Research Council

    This bitter hateful group is even more dangerous because they try to exterminate homosexuals behind a veil of "family values.".
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  • Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

    This church is the epitome of intolerance.
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  • CrossWalk.com

    Uses terms of service to censor challenges to Doctrine, which states "God loves a practicing homosexual no less than he does a practicing fornicator or adulterer.".
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  • American Family Association

    Active anti-gay group..
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  • Concerned Women of America

    Just another hate-and-censorship group hiding behind "Family Values".
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  • Traditional Values Coalition

    Based in Anaheim, this group advocates quarantine for homosexuals; major lobbyists and sponsors of initiatives preventing access to marriage for same-sex couples based on their psychological instability. .
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  • Wisconsin Christians United/www.wcuweb.com

    Blanketing homes in Wisconsin with anti-gay pamphlets..
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  • Miss America Organization

    Enables victimization of women.
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  • Free Republic

    Viciously homophobic right-wing forum lures gay-bashers to action.
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  • The Southern Baptist Convention

    Forbids gays to be members of the church; teaches that gays "burn in hell.".
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    North American group lobbies psychological professionals to offer hate, not hope, to homosexuals.
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  • Jehovah's Witnesses

    Religious group works to make homosexuals uncomfortable in their homes and workplaces.
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  • Vanguard Network News

    Hatred for Blacks, Jews and Homosexuals.
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  • Knights of Columbus

    Adopted resolutions that demean and belittle same-sex relationships.
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  • Baptist Board

    Another religious organization trampling on the civil liberties in the name of God.
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  • International Organization of Heterosexual Rights

    This odd group outed a lesbian in Portland.
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  • P-FOX (Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays...)

    Tries to turn gay people against their nature.
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  • British National Party

    UK political party wants to marginalise the British LGBT community..
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  • vote.com

    proposes donations to gay-hating charities.
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  • Christian Coalition of Mississippi

    Spreads hatred through inaccurate statements about lesbian and gay people.
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