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  • Pravda

    The official voice of the former Soviet Union published an article calling GLBTs "sexual perverts.".
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  • Braveheart

    Mockery of gay stereotypes (like effemininity and ineptitude) gives the audience the right to think of them as less than individuals and suggests that all gay people fulfill such stereotypes..
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  • Sugar and Spice (movie)

    Lots of gay jokes that weren't even funny.
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  • Head over Heels

    This movie makes several lame "fag" jokes..
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  • WRCB-TV Channel 3

    Chattanooga Tennessee NBC affiliate WRCB refused to air a pro-gay ad.
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  • www.YourGoingToHell.com

    refers to Queer sex as an abomination, and refers to queer identity as demonic possession.
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  • Ethnic Cleansing: The Game

    Video game in which object of game is to kill as many blacks and Jews as possible..
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  • Jawbreaker

    Another movie about stereotypical gay jokes. .
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  • The Massachusetts News

    This newspaper, http://www.massnews.com/, is consumed with gay-hating propaganda..
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  • The Bird Cage

    Film with Robin Williams portrays gay men as cheap shallow human beings who enable their own demise..
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  • WorldNetDaily

    Anti-gay internet Conservative news source.
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  • God Hates America

    Web site tries to use the bible to teach Americans to hate their country..
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  • The Montana Standard

    Biased reporting glorifies hateful group.
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