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  • Bob Enyart

    Calls for the execution of homosexuals..
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  • Jimmy Carter

    Former POTUS is opposed to same sex marriage.
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  • Lydia Gutierrez

    Lydia Gutierrez is unfit for public office
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  • George W. Bush

    Despite talk of tolerance, POTUS has a long record of hatred and discrimination against gay people.
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  • Rev. Ken Campbell

    Self-described "lobbyist for God" is gaining profile through his attacks on gay people and the religious groups who support them. He also seeks to establish "Liberation Cells" based on biblical fundementalism. .
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  • Gennady Raikov

    Russian Parliament deputy proposed to criminalize gays.
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  • Goran Ivanisevic

    Wimbledon Men's champion called a line judge a "faggot".
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  • Bill Simon

    Republican candidate for California Governor signed a "Marriage Protection Pledge" marriage pledge, promising to humiliate and persecute California's gay and lesbian population. .
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  • Judge Roy Moore

    Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court called a lesbian mother "abhorrent, immoral, detestable, a crime against nature, and a violation of the laws of nature.".
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  • Al Gore

    Al Gore and Wife Tipper headlined fundraiser at Phelps' Topeka Home; Phelps Family Reportedly Invited to Clinton-Gore Inaugurations in 93 and 97.
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  • Gray Davis

    California Governor Gray Davis said that he does not believe in same-sex marriage..
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  • Fred Phelps

    www.godhatesfags.com That is all I have to say..
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  • Rudy Giuliani

    Spokesman for Bill Simon.
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  • Dr. Laura

    Radio Celebrity says gays and lesbians are "biological errors.".
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  • Sean Fieler

    Fieler is the leading funder of groups that target trans, lesbian and gay Americans. He and his opposite-sex wife, Ana Fieler, have spent close to $100 million to generate bad science and advertise intolerance.
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  • Fidel Castro

    Put gay men into Concentration Camps accused of "improper conduct". Well documented in films such as Before Night Falls and Improper Conduct..
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  • Hal Turner

    The website http://www.halturnershow.com often refers to "vile fag animals" and has a message board where GLBTs are routinely bashed..
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  • Colin L. Powell

    Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff is not a hero to every American -- he hates gay people.
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  • Rev. Jerry Falwell

    Uses homosexuality as a shibboleth, perpetuating the biggest lie of them all: that it is OK to "hate the sin, love the sinner.".
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  • Carmelo Torres

    gay-hating cartoonist.
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  • Pat Robertson

    Agrees with Rev. Falwell's analysis that feminists, pagans, gays and lesbians caused the Trade Center disaster..
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  • James Lunaburg

    Runs anti-gay website, encourages killing gays..
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  • John Ashcroft

    Former congressman hates gay people.
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  • Dick Cheney

    Bush lackey opposes Lesbian and Gay Americans.
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  • Rev. Louis P. Sheldon

    Founder of "Traditional Values Coalition" said only heterosexual survivors of the Trade Center attack should receive benefits..
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  • Pastor John Hagee

    The pastor of Cornerstone Church in San Antonio, TX preaches that gays are evil and going to hell, and gay children should be abandoned by their parents..
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  • Steve Case and Jean Case

    An $8.35 Million donation to Coral Ridge Ministries, an anti-gay cult.
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  • Richard "Dick" Armey

    Another Texas Republican; referred to Barney Frank "Barney Fag" in the House of Representatives.
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  • Dr. James Dobson

    Focus on the Family President says the only cure for AIDS is hatred toward homoseuxals. .
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  • The Rev. Patrick Kennedy

    This assistant pastor is trying to shut down a restaurant because he knows the owners are lesbians..
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  • Senator Trent Lott (R- Mississippi)

    Compared homosexuality to addictions such as "alcoholism or kleptomania" & helped block Jame's Hormel's nomination to ambassador of Luxembourg..
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  • David Batzri

    Jewish rabbi in Israel wants all GLBT people killed..
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  • Michael Huebsch

    Wisconsin State Representative bullies his colleague by calling him "queer".
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  • Nancy Sheltra

    As a member of the Vermont legislature, she has used her office to publicly vilify those who worked toward the passage of our landmark Civil-Unions law..
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  • Bob Derr

    Says "Gays and fags should die; they do it up the pooper.. there going to hell".
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  • Michael Johnston

    Religious Fundamentalist who makes speechs nationwide purporting to be "cured" of "the gay lifestyle." .
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  • Rev Ian Paisley

    Notorious British preacher calls for gays to be sent to hell..
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  • Ariel Sharon

    Committing acts of terrorism and barbarism against the Palestinian people .
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  • U.S. Sen. Rick Santorum

    vilifies gays from a position of power.
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  • Mathew Hale

    Christian pastor and white supremist teaches killing.
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  • Gregory Daniels

    Minister would lynch blacks if it would oppose gays.
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  • Minsersville Police Chief Joseph Willinsky and Officer J. Scott Willinsky

    Percipitated the suicide of Minsersville teen by threatening to out him.
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  • Michael Savage

    Former MSNBC Talk Show Host is cruel to gay people.
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  • Scott Willinsky

    PA Police Officer Found Condoms on Teens and Threatned to Out them As Queers, Leading to 18 y.o. suicide..
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  • Arnold Schwarzenegger

    This candidate for Governor of California is anti-gay marriage but pro-gay-sex..
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  • H.A. (Buster) Dobbs

    Uses lies in the name of God to defile people.
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  • The Rev. F. Earle Fox

    Perpetuates rumors and untruths about homosexuality, occasionally under oath. .
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  • Pete Knight

    California lawmaker authored hateful "Defense of Marriage Act".
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  • Richard Hayne

    President of Urban Outfitters donated $13,000 to gay-hater Rick Santorum's reelection campaign.
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  • Scott J. Bloch

    Head of US Office of Special Counsel lied to congress and introduced bias to his office..
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