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  • Alabama

    This stinky armpit of a state fights against minorities and waves a bible around while they do it.
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  • Florida

    The only state where adoption by lesbians or gays is illegal.
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  • Michigan

    Site of the nation's most onerous 'nonequivalency' law, this state also pursues legal marriages and injunctions against the ceremonies.
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  • Tennessee

    In the face of mounting decisions to the contrary, state officials still try to deprive simple marriage rights to its couples.
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  • Kentucky

    When the state's Attorney General refused to appeal a humanitarian decision, the Governor used private lawyers to deprive marriage rights to his citizens.
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  • Ohio

    Actively pursues its lesbian and gay citizens.
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  • FOX News

    Pursues a divisive agenda by giving voice to bigots and supressing facts.
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  • Russia

    Russian law encourages hate speech and "schoolyard justice" in addition to onerous criminal penalties towards people who act or look gay, and any who defend them.
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  • California

    Could have passed a legislative amendment (AB43), and could have voted for same-sex marriage (Prop 8) but chose to wait until the U.S. Supreme Court had to call them out on discrimination.
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  • Hawaii

    Passed anti-gay referrendum instead of allowing gay marriage.
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