Lydia Gutierrez. For Schools? For Education? No.

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Lydia Gutierrez is a Long Beach area resident who occasionally tries to trick voters into electing her. While it’s nice to see people step up to do their civic duty, Ms. Gutierrez has an ugly agenda. We are so lucky she has been defeated so far.

Lydia Gutierrez for State Superintendent of Public Instruction

Lyar Gutierrez certainly has a “Vision for Education.” It is one where public schools are gutted and used to teach the Bible instead of the facts; the wildly successful and popular Common Core program is replaced with the “new math” program we had before and all hated, and worse of all, deprive our children of their best chance at success in college and career.

Her qualifications? Prayer. She has been un-elected time and time again. Thank God the voters of California see past her winning smile to the morally bankrupt soul within.

Lydia Gutierrez for School Board, May 2011

Lydia Gutierrez from lydia4schools.comEven though she has been distracted by protesting measles vaccinations, her educational agenda includes getting rid of technology – especially the widely-popular Common Core. Her only two major endorsements are from the Los Angeles County Republican Party and the evangelical Christian group Election Forum – two groups dedicated to tearing down public education like they did in the worst-performing states in the country.

It makes me sad to think of all of the students who would be deprived of critical thinking skills, and a path to success in life, if she had been elected.

Lydia Gutierrez fighting against children's health


Lydia Gutierrez for State Senate, October 2008

Wow, it must be nice to wake up one morning and decide, um, I’m going to be a Senator! With absolutely no qualifications, but “just God” at her side, she thought she would bamboozle her way into the statehouse. Fortunately God saw through her her farce and gave sense to the voters.

That’s not the worst of her sins though. When Ms. Gutierrez ran for Senate in 2008, she had her campaign signs printed on “Yes on 8 – marriage is between a man and a woman” posters, like a co-sponsor of the horrible initiative. Nobody who supported Prop 8 should ever hold public office anywhere ever.

Lydia Gutierrez for State Senate and Proposition 8 - rippedLydia Gutierrez for State Senate and Proposition 8 - assembled

Ms. Gutierrez made a lot of these signs that say ‘Lydia Gutierrez for Senate’, ‘Vote YES on Prop. 8’, and ‘Marriage is between a man and a woman.’ The only picture I could find had to be rebuilt from a picture somebody took of one that somebody had torn up.

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